Construction Surveying Services

We provide a complete range of construction surveying services

Plot Plans:
An exhibit that shows a simplified footprint of the foundation, easements, zoning setbacks, and measurements from the building to the property lines Attention is given to ensure the building does not encroach or overlap into zoning setbacks, easements, or the property line.

Construction Staking / Layout:
∙ Road/Curb/Drainage Staking
∙ Cut/Fill Staking
∙ Excavation Cut/Fill–Volumes
∙ Project Control & Monumentation
∙ Building Foundation Layout
∙ Equipment Foundation Layout
∙ Mechanical High Precision Control

As-built Verifications:
During or after construction, we verify the as-built horizontal and vertical locations of structures, bolts, pipes or other improvements. This information can be extremely useful for:
∙ Clash detection
∙ Documentation of construction phases
∙ Verification that projects were built as designed
∙ Presentations with high resolution 360 degree photographs