Photogrammetry / Aerial Mapping

UAV Mapping, Orthophoto and Aerial Imagery

ALTEA, LLC's  UAV-based mapping services rapidly produce high-accuracy deliverables for a variety of applications.   Utilizing our proprietary workflow, ALTEA's technicians can efficiently create actionable data for contour maps, 3-D modelling, the preparation of design plans, existing conditions documentation, point clouds, heritage preservation, and volume calculations.

Some of the high-quality photogrammetric deliverables we provide include:
∙ Georeferenced Planimetric CADD Drawings
∙ Georeferenced 3D Topographic CADD Drawings
∙ Legal Exhibits
∙ Volume Calculations
∙ Digital Elevation Models (DEM)
∙ 3D Digital Terrain Models (DTM)
∙ High-resolution Orthophotos